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-Sharon Short and fantasy Shelties

I chose Housecall Veterinary Service over 15 years ago so that all of my dogs could be examined in the leisure of their own home. It was difficult to get them all into the car and take them safely to a vet clinic. We have received top quality care at an affordable rate from Dr. Sherri every time we have seen her. Whether having one dog examined or all of them at once we are much happier for the convenience of having Dr. Sherri come to the house, as well as the loving care she gives the dogs. We wouldn’t use another veterinarian.

-Steve Sawyer and Ann Hohisel

Dr. Sherri Somerville has been our Housecall Veterinarian for almost 11 years now. She has been there for our many cats and two dogs. She’s helped us through illnesses, surgeries, annual check-ups and, the hardest of all, the loss of our beloved pets. We cannot quantify how valuable her service is. The animals are less stressed and we don’t have to try chasing and capturing cats only to have to stuff them in a carrier and then listen to their pathetic meows all the way to a vet’s office.She treats our pets like her own. Not only is Dr. Sherri an outstanding veterinarian, she is a wonderful person and has become part of our family. We are never disappointed with her service or her advice about care for our animals. She is our veterinarian and friend for life.

-Danny and Angel Black

We have visited many veterinarians over the years; however, once we discovered that there was a person like Dr. Sherri, we considered our search over. Dr. Sherri has been our vet for over 10 years now, Her dedication to providing the best quality care for our beagles surpasses any other vet we have experienced. The compassion she has towards our beagles and for us... is extraordinary. The time and effort she devotes to her house call patients goes well beyond what we expect from vets. We have been through a lot together and with Dr. Sherri’s advice and expertise, every process and every procedure we were able to make informed and sound decisions for our beagles. With the death of our first beagle, Snoopy, and the two knee surgery’s our Charles Brown had to have replaced, and for all of the everyday needs of all beagles. Not to mention our other two beagles, Lucy and Marbles, who are very healthy and happy. We would recommend Dr. Sherri to anyone, the love, and caring way she is with our pets would be extended to any animal she visits. We did not know this kind of person existed, such kindheartedness and devotion. She has devoted her life to caring for animals. We needed such a person in our beagle’s lives, our lives...

-Barbara Bens

About 10 years ago, I was looking for a vet for my cats. They were pretty old and a car ride was traumatic for them, it just wasn’t worth. I found Housecall Vet Service and arranged for Dr. Sherri to come to my house. She was the vet for Molly and Papillion for four-five years at the end of their lives. She was gentle and caring during their transitions.My next pet was a beautiful yellow lab named Amber. Although Amber loved to travel in the car, it was most important for me to stick with Dr. Sherri. She was incredible with Amber through many health problems. She didn’t live long, but I made a happy home for her and spoiled her rotten. Dr. Sherri was incredible and gentle with both Amber and me during the last year of her life. More importantly, she let me know when it was time to let her go.I knew I wanted another dog but was nervous about picking one out given the health issues of Amber. I found some puppies and Dr. Sherri checked out the blood lines and certifications of the parents even before I visited the pups. Now I have Autumn a five month old wild and very healthy yellow lab. Dr. Sherri will always be my vet. Having been through highs and lows with my pets, she has always been there to offer support, kindness and love.

-Mary Rose Keyes

My cats have seen Dr. Sherri in the comfort of their own home since a friend referred us to her over 8 years ago. It is less stressful for all of us to have Dr. Sherri provide their check-ups and other at home medical care on the couch instead of driving to the vet. I find it saves me time and the cost didn’t seem much different than when I took the cats to the vet. My cats, Izzy and Fluffy have had long time chronic conditions and under her expert care, have survived longer than expected. By coming to our home, Dr. Sherri knew us all better than we ever knew our vet in the office. Dr. Sherri has hours that met my needs as a working pet owner. There are many reasons why I love Housecall Veterinary Services with Dr. Sherri Somerville: convenience, relationship, availability and professional expertise.